Children's Dentistry

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We want your child to leave our office smiling – on their first visit and every one that follows.

We realize that we are setting up an important lifelong relationship that will remain essential to your children’s oral health. We understand children and their fear of the unknown. With compassion and patience, we do what it takes to win them over, so fear is replaced by trust.

Our bond with kids often begins before their first tooth comes in, at about six months of age. Besides examinations, our most important role in the early years is to help you, the parents, understand how to look after their baby and incoming teeth, providing advice about diet and home care.

And we will work with you through each stage of your child’s development, whether it’s when their first teeth come in, or as they start to get a gap-toothed smile with the arrival of permanent teeth. We know how important it is to keep the baby teeth healthy; not only because they are space holders for adult teeth, but because they are essential for chewing, speech, appearance and healthy development of the mouth as well.

If emergency care for your children’s teeth is ever required, we will be there. We can also do orthodontic assessments and, when kids become active in sports, specially fit athletic mouth guards.

Our goal is to help your children lead a life of good oral health, providing them the tools, techniques and information they need to look after themselves as they age. We will supply advice on cleaning, rinsing and flossing and help to instil a lifelong commitment to regular dental checkups, ensuring prevention of problems before they arise.

While your child will leave happily from his/her first visit with a toy, our greatest gift to him/her will be a lifetime of happy smiles.